Paper Towns

12 januari, 2015

paper towns

This is the first book I’ve read in a long long time. Probably the first one in English since I left school.

This is the story about Quentin and his neighbour, Margo. Quentin is the typical nerdy kid and Margo is the to be prom queen. Margo turns Quentin’s life around and runs away, Quentin then feels he have to find Margo with the help of the clues she left behind.

It’s a good and easy read, which was good for me since all I’ve read in English for the past year is just Reddit and technical document. I finished this in a weekend and it really got me back to reading. I’ve already ordered some other books labeled young adults which I feel might be my current reading standard. I still have all the Game of Thrones books looking at my from my bookshelves. Maybe some day.

ISBN (en): 9780525478188
ISBN (se): 9789163877360

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