How Microsoft is ruining my life

01 juli, 2014

Well, not really my life, but I get so frustrated over some practices Microsoft have.

  1. Customer support

I reside in Sweden working for a Swedish company using a product from a company with a Swedish registered subsidiary who made 151.13 million Euros last year ( I can’t speak to anyone in Sweden. If I’m lucky I get to speak to someone in the UK, otherwise someone in India. They don’t know Swedish business practices, they can’t understand why I would want a date of payment on my invoice etc.

  1. Invoicing

Microsoft sucks regarding invoicing. Every month I get an email saying “Your invoice statement is ready, log in to view your invoice”. Maybe just send it to me. What if I die on my way to work and we miss an invoice? We have an automated system which reads invoice and assign them according to who has to approve them, works without anyone doing anything (except for the first time a new invoice comes in, of course, it’s not magic). Now I have to login in, download the invoice and put it in the hot folder to be picked up by our system.

When Microsoft moved us to their new platform (Office 365, from Dynamics Online) they lost our VAT-number and I didn’t enter it before the first invoice was sent (my mistake) so I called to have them regenerate the invoice without any VAT added. Customer support couldn’t do this. The solution? Either pay now and put in a request for VAT credit or skip this invoice it will be fixed on the next invoice. This is just pure shit. Fuck you Microsoft.

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Max Malm